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Less Than Truckload



Let’s face it in this competitive age you need all the advantages you can get. At Amark we believe that knowledge is power and making informed decisions gives you that advantage.

We have combined our industry expertise and experience with powerful web based tools placing accurate price and routing information at your fingertips for every shipment, every time, every day.

When it comes to managing your transportation needs, consider the importance of these factors

  • TIME – Save it! 

  • MONEY – Keep more of it 

  • RESOURCES –  Focus and Your Business and add resources – at no additional cost! 

  • KNOWLEDGE – Benefit from what we know! 

We think getting more for less is a GREAT IDEA…we hope you'll agree!!! Amark provides the Tools, Services, Expertise and Support

Air Freight/Expedite


When you need it now!


Capacity Specialists

Amark Logistics through its cooperative local and national partnerships offers Local, Regional or Long Haul Van / Flat Bed / and Refrigerated Truckload services throughout the country.

We are specialists in equipment sourcing and finding capacity. We utilize in house resources in addition to national network resources to provide timely service at competitive pricing.



Got Some Extra Time ?

Truckload or LTL - Ground or Air

It’s got to go now…and it has to be there ASAP! Talk about a sense of urgency ; that doesn’t leave a whole lot of time for anything.

We know when you call you are under the gun. You probably don’t have time to price shop and we understand you need an answer fast.  
We will!

We’ll obtain multiple quotes from our network of providers, quickly!
We’ll secure transit commitments and guarantees.
We’ll monitor pick up, transit and delivery.
We’ll let you know when it delivers!


You don’t need to be an expert to figure the most cost effective way to get your goods where you need them to go. WHY NOT? ….because that’s what we do!

Amark Logistics, Inc will sort through the details to explore and secure door to door pricing, transit options and commitments. What that means to you is a number of options with a single phone call!

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Business Intelligence

Cost Control

Managed Risks

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28915 Clemens Rd, #200 Westlake, OH 44145, USA


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