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Managed Risks

We provide you with Risk management on a number of levels.

  • Actual Value Insurance

In most cases, LTL rates include pricing consideration in the form of Discounts, FAK’s (Grouping of Classes to be Invoiced at a lower than actual class rate) or Reduced FSC, or all. Unless otherwise contractually agreed, that pricing comes with a limitation of liability. In the event of a loss or damage claim there is often a considerable difference between what your product is actually worth versus what the carrier will reimburse as part of a claim settlement.

We offer an inexpensive option Truckload or LTL, to insure your goods at full value regardless of any limited liability stated by the carrier.

  • Freight Claims Administration

Unfortunate, but they do occur. Amark Logistics will assemble all the necessary documentation and file all claims for loss and damage with the carriers. We will administrate all claims (File, maintain all communication, rebuttals, settlement negotiation when necessary). Note: There are written procedures for establishing, and supporting freight claims, including statutes of limitations on notification or filing of claims. We assist in informing our customers accordingly. In those events where those limitations are not met a claim cannot and will not be recognized.

  • Commodity Descriptions  

  •         NMFC #’s and Freight Class – Once again, there are lots of variables! – We act as an advisor on ensuring accurate description of product(s) being shipped. These descriptions are part of what a quote is based on. If it is not correct, your quote will not be accurate and is subject to review and price revision on the part of the carrier. We help you get it right

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