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Why Amark

Save Time

Save Money

  • Carrier Sourcing, Rate and Contract Negotiation done by Amark

  • Rate Shop Multiple Carriers for each shipment with a Single Entry

  • Instant Results so you can make informed Routing Decisions based on Low Cost or Transit

  • Eliminate Phone Calls or Email for Rate/Transit Inquiries

  • Rate Quote Audit and Exception Retrieval

  • Single Point of Contact

  • Online Tracking/Tracing for all carriers through one site.

  • Online Database of Customers, Vendors, Commodities, Descriptions, NMFC #

  • BOL Preparation

  • Freight Bill Audit And Payment

  • Eliminate Data Entry-Integration with your ERP, TMS or other Proprietary System (optional)

  • Assistance with Claims Filing, Processing and Resolution

  • Your Shipment History/Payments are analyzed and compared to available market pricing.

  • We utilize Group Buying Power to negotiate lower Rates and Contracts with Multiple Carriers.

  • Online Decision Maker to give you the best combination of price and service for all your shipments.

  • Manage all inbound Collect and outbound Prepaid and Third Party Shipments .

  • Manage Vendor interaction for inbound shipments.

  • Managed Commodity Classification, Description and NMFC

  • Managed Document Preparation to ensure accurate billing and eliminate additional charges later.

  • Minimize or Eliminate Balance Due Freight Bills

  • Integration with your ERP, TMS or other Proprietary System (Optional)

  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment

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Get the Best of What and Who We Know

  • Carrier Service(s)

  • Best Practice

  • Pricing Options

  • Savings Potential

  • Operational Musts

  • Multiple Modes

  • Optimized Reporting – Spend/Compliance/Avg. Wt., Cost

  • Carrier Relationships – Group Buying Power

  • Industry Knowledge and Experience

  • Web Based Decision Maker

  • In House IT Team

  • EDI

  • Freight Bill Audit and Payment

  • Data Warehouse/Mining

  • Bid Preparation Strategy and Process

  • Claims Filing Process and Resolution

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