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Rules of Thumb For Rating Tips

  •  Obtain Volume Quotes for any shipment - Over 6 skids or 12 feet of Floor Space – LTL Rate will not apply on anything over 12 feet that is under 6 pounds per cubic foot. Please note if a single piece is over 49" wide it may result in additional pieces to be loaded behind it instead of beside it which may increase overall floor space. If overall floor space exceeds 12' Lineal foot charges will apply.

  •  Any Single piece in excess of 8’ is subject to an Over length Accessorial Charge. Any single piece over 6' and 49" wide will result in additional charge.

  •  Limited Access Accessorial Charges will apply on shipment to all of the following Pick up or Delivery at Schools, Universities, Prisons, Military Base or Installation Recreation Areas – Ie Parks, Campgrounds , Public or private Golf Course or Country Club etc. Mine Sites, Construction Sites Indian Reservations Farms and Ranches

  •  All shipments crossing the US – Canadian Border are subject to a Cross Border Fee Accessorial Charge

  •  There are a number of additional charges that apply to shipment to/from all Exhibition Sites . The rates returned are not applicable to Shipments to/from all Exhibition Sites and will be rated as follows; Shipments subject to rates and charges that are governed by this rules tariff, when picked up from or delivered to convention centers or temporary warehouses for exhibitions or trade shows, will be subject to the following: a. The shipment will be rated at the otherwise applicable pricing, but at the class 125 rate (See Note A). (If the base rate tariff or pricing does not contain a class 125 rate, multiply the otherwise applicable rate or charge by 125%). b. Each shipment will be subject to an exhibition or trade show shipment charge of $35.00 in addition to all other charges (See Note B). Note A – Freight of all kinds (FAK) class exceptions and NMFC released value class exceptions do not apply.

  •  Pick up or Deliver to a Residence is subject to a Residential Pickup or Delivery Accessorial Charge

  •  Inside Delivery in NYC is higher than stated – Call for Confirmation

  •  Shipments tendered pursuant to the Rates on Amark site are done so with the understanding the carrier has exchanged the rates for Limited Liability for Loss and Damage. Shipments are tendered under released liability.

  •  We recommend if you are responsible for the freight charges, you always accept damaged product and note it on the delivery receipt. In some instances, salvage value can be more than what the carrier is required to pay.

  •  Proper Description, Class and Dimensions is the responsibility of the shipper. Amark will always do its best to ascertain the correct class based on description and dims provided but we do not accept responsibility for a change in charges if they are the result of incorrect information provided at the time of the initial quote.

  •  Carriers Charge a fee if the proper billing information is not on the bill of lading tendered to the carrier. Amark makes bills of lading available for all shipments to ensure proper information. If Amark bill of lading is not used and additional charges result, those charges will be passed along on the invoice. This is true whether the customer is the shipper or if we are arranging an inbound shipment from a vendor. The Amark Bill of Lading must be utilized. (Bills of Lading for Hazardous shipments is the lone exception. In the case of a HazMat shipment we always use the shippers’ Bill of Lading and provide them with instructions for Billing).

  •  If you put Call Before delivery or Notify Before Delivery on the Bill of Lading in most cases the carrier will charge for it. If this is required, select the Accessorial Charge Notify or Notification Fee

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