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Business Intelligence

24/7 Access to Customized Reporting Companies that leverage the information made available in the business intelligence tools can achieve tangible results. The more detailed and specific the information you can provide or access for your business the less that carrier(s) has to “guess” at what you are actually shipping and get an actual snapshot of your transportation needs. Less guess or what would be hedging in this case, generally leads to better contracted rates.

All Relevant Cost Data is captured and available on-line or in a weekly report to help evaluate the organization's fiscal function and performance and help direct continual improvement of the budgeting process through education of department managers on financial issues impacting department budgets.

  • Automated Report Schedule and Delivery

  • Dashboard for Convenient Review of High Level Key Indicators

  • Drill Down Capability

  • Improve Communication Efficiency with Electronic Freight Bill Resolution

Because back-end accounting is done automatically and systemically, resulting report data can be utilized to provide technical financial advice and knowledge to others within the financial discipline as well as to analyze transportation expenses, identify cost-reduction opportunities, and make good business management decisions.

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